waiting (healing)

wait for the good to come. aren’t i worthy? excuses that fill my head while laying restless at 3 AM. love in all its forms must be strengthened. career and creativity and all that is part of my purpose has to expand. but not yet. i must heal while in stagnancy. cannot move forward untilContinue reading “waiting (healing)”


11.21.18 I’m in a mood, I say. But this underlying chaos rises too close every time I speak. I’m just tired, I think. Clouds of puffy smoke dance inside of me, leaning against the Exit. I spot my shadow. She is impatient. She is a warrior, ready for this stagnancy to pass. Slow and steady,Continue reading “Shadow”

live your truth

7.12.18 How many white lies have you told? I’ve told more. How many omissions have you kept, nestled away? Bet I can beat you. I’m the best of the best. Do I do this out of compassion for others? (30%) Reality just disappoints the imagination. So many delusions, the world says. Keep the dream alive,Continue reading “live your truth”